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1. Choose two states from the U.S. map and put your initials on them.

2. Print out two State Fact Sheets (one for each state).

3. Using the provided links locate the information to fill in the State Fact Sheet.

4. Draw, trace, or copy a picture of the state flag, state flower, and the state bird.

5. Using the fact sheet, choose three places of interest that you read about and draw, trace, or copy a picture of it for your brochure. Be sure to write the name of the places by the picture so people know what it is.

6. Using the fact sheet and pictures, create a tri-fold travel brochure. Be sure to include the following:

  • The states name and location (NE, SE, SW, NW, Central).
  • Three major cities (names).
  • Three places of interest with pictures.
  • State facts (5-10).
  • Picture of the state flower.
  • Picture of the state bird.
  • Drawing of the state (place a star where the capital is located).